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Welcome Address




FCA update

Regulator’s update 

The rise of specialist lending

  • Impact of Covid on mainstream lending
  • Inclusive opportunity: customer-centric approaches
  • The role of open banking

Sales Acceleration Breakfast Masterclass - Client acquisition

  • Market analysis, segmentation, profiling and personas
  • Volume verses value
  • KYC checks – what more could be done? 

FSE Week Sales Acceleration Breakfast Masterclass - Client nurturing

  • KYC: The importance of retention and loyalty
  • How to make recurring sales after you convert your first one
  • How to make good use of analytics

Open banking and intermediaries

  • New systems and solutions to improve efficiency in providing advice
  • New dynamics with lending institution
  • Cement relationships with consumers
  • Hinderance or opportunity

Equity release and the pandemic

  • Pandemic shift in behaviour
  • What are the risks ahead?
  • Impact on the property ladder 

Digital transformation of the mortgage industry

  • How digital disruption reshapes the mortgage experience
  • New era of consumer engagement
  • Combining technology and culture 

Buy to let market: an expanding niche market 

  • State of play
  • How covid has shifted housing preferences: London housing exodus and increase in home ownerships.
Challenges and opportunities



Managing change in the mortgage industry: Post pandemic lessons learnt

  • A changed industry: best practices
  • Balancing act: Improving customer and employee experience
  • Technological obsolescence and advances

ONE on ONE: AMI & IMLA- Key developments in the housing and mortgage markets

How can brokers and lenders can work better together?

FSE Week Sales Acceleration Lunchtime Masterclass - Client conversion

  • Developing streamlined communication between marketing and sales
  • Provide Robust and easily accessible Product Information 
  • KYC- Know your competitors
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Detrimental value of the race to bottom

  • Why is there a rate war?
  • Perfect storm: pandemic personal savings and stamp duty holiday
  • Housing bubble or burst
  • Competitive mortgage space: alternative lenders vs traditional 

Government interventions:  International outlook on the efforts to mitigate the economic impact of Covid 19

  • How does the 2008 economic crisis compares to the current events
  • Have the government interventions been effective and inclusive?

First time buyers: Opportunities and Challenges

  • What are the consequences ahead of the bubble burst?
  • Is home ownership for the younger generation a myth or a reality
  • How to assists the most vulnerable?

Unlocking the potential of the UK’s green mortgage market

  • Impact on the BLT market
  • Risk of property devaluation/ negative equity
  • Retrofits, renovations and conversions: how to creative innovative products
  • Communication strategy

The future of intermediary market

  • Is bigger margin and more control better or worse? 
  • What are the drivers of the intermediary market?
  • What does It mean for intermediaries?

Acquisition vs Retention

  • Why your existing customers are the best source of growth?
  • The roles of technology and communications
  • KYC checks – what more could be done? 

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks



FSE Media used the pandemic as a catalyst to pivot and become a digital pioneer in the financial services space.


We have created “FSE TV”, an online broadcasting platform where we will host our digital Conferences, as well as a series of Masterclasses and Refresh episodes.


FSE Media used the first few weeks of 2021 to reinvent its entire event and content proposition for the profession. The new knowledge-sharing platform will ensure the entire financial services community remains united and informed.